A unique approach
In need of support for your livestock farm? Indufarm would like to help you out with a tailor-made VPlus programme. We are happy to visit you and discuss what you need, whether it is for coating, water treatment, pest control, hygiene, nutritional supplements or fertility.


Problems with your water installation? Looking for the right feed supplement? The right coating for your livestock?

Contact us, we will plan an appointment and look for the solution for your livestock farm. After an in-depth analysis, we take stock of the situation.

& implementation

After establishing the problem, it's time for a solution. Our experts examine the situation and help you to optimise it.

Indufarm draws up a customised plan for you and implements all the measures needed to make your livestock farm a healthy place for people and animals.


Once we have implemented the solution, Indufarm continues to monitor the situation. Our service team ensures monitoring and makes adjustments where necessary.

So the Indufarm service remains available even afterwards. VPlus guides the livestock farmer from start to finish.

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Would you like a tailor-made plan?

Optimised hygiene as the basis for a healthy animal and for healthy livestock farming.That is what we are aiming for!

- Partners Indufarm

Get to know us better!

Indufarm has one mission as a supplier to the livestock industry: health improvement for the pig, poultry and cattle farmer.

We provide solutions in the 6 links of the health chain: hygiene, feed supplements, water treatment, pest control, floor coating and fertility (A.I.). We do this through knowledge, research and innovation.

With a wide range of products and services, Indufarm tries to offer qualitative and innovative solutions.